Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO) recognizes to mill factory located in Eljas, (Sierra de Gata Cultural Park) from Spain, the Best Mill Factory from Spain at yearly AEMO Awards.

Expoliva Trade Fair (Jaén, Andalucia) was chosen for presenting the 14th AEMO Awards at Best Mill Factory from Spain 2017. Jury’s decision has given the FIRST AWARD AT BEST MILL FACTORY FROM SPAIN 2017 for Almazara As Pontis-Agropecuaria Carrasco, SL.

On a press release, AEMO’s jury, el jurado de los premios highlights:

“It is exceptionally appreciated the tidy and up-to-date facilities of this innovative mill factory from Cáceres, as well as the non-conformism of team, who adds new, emerging and innovating technologies for producing extra virgin olive oil. Furthermore, jury values the conscentious management of times and temperatures, the total cleanliness in the mill and the detailed knwoledge of production process. Everything is protected by an absolute obsession of extracting the maximum possible quality of that exclusive and different olive variety which is Manzanilla Cacereña”.

On the other hand, judge also keep in mind the qualiyt of extra virgin olive oil Vieiru, produced with Manzanilla Cacereña and certified by Protected Designation of Origin Gata-Hurdes . Jury’s verdict notes the evoo like an “olive juice with an intense fruitness of green and ripe olives, with touchs of banana and red berries wrapped in vegetable aromas which remind green tomato and aromatic herbs. In mouth, olive oil resulted with marked personality, coming into very sweet, soft and subtle, and presenting a harmonious and well-balanced pungent and bitter with a pleasant persistence. EVOO very complex as a whole”.

 Miguel Carrasco, founder and master miller of As Pontis points up “it is a wonderful new for all As Pontis family. With this award, our olive farmers from Sierra de Gata who take care of Manzanilla Cacereña olives for whole year, our customers, our suppliers and careful production process is recognized the effort done every year in order to try making the best way, to improve every year and the firm commitment for the traditional Manzanilla Cacereña olive grove of Sierra de Gata from the beginning. Adding “this important award gives us a boost for continuing and improving the work done”.

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