Oleotourism in Sierra de Gata

Oleotourism at Almazara As Pontis and its Vieiru oil offers a truly enriching experience for those who wish to delve into the exciting world of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). Almazara As Pontis itself has been the mastermind behind the design of these tour packages, guaranteeing an authentic immersion in the EVOO production process. Through this collaboration, visitors have the opportunity to discover the magic that surrounds Vieiru oil, a high quality product with deep roots in the region.


The specific production area of Vieiru is the Val de Us tres lugaris, which is located on the border with Portugal. A land of farmers and stockbreeders. Its geographical location has meant that its customs and culture have been maintained over time, as is the case of A Fala, a dialect of the area that has been preserved orally transmitted only from generation to generation.

The essence of Val de Us tres lugaris is the olive tree with hundreds of hectares dedicated to its cultivation. It is here where Almazara As Pontis has its own olive groves, as well as the farmers who collaborate with us. Farmers who dedicate the whole year to pamper the trees with great patience and care, enduring the cold in the winter, when it is harvest time, and the heat the rest of the year, when they have to weed, plow and prune the olive trees so that they continue giving an unparalleled fruit.

Specialized tastings

We offer the possibility of approaching the world of extra virgin olive oil and doing specialized tastings in hotels, fairs...

Show Cooking

In collaboration with restaurants and chefs, we demonstrate the use of our AOVES in haute cuisine.

Visits to the olive mill

Our oil mill is a factory open to the public, we approach the production of EVOO to school groups, tourists, etc.

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