AOVE Vieiru 3L lata (caja de 4)


Date of collection: olives in veraison (November) Harvest 2023/2024. First Cold Extraction.
Sensory Profile: slightly sweet, with a great balance between spiciness and bitterness. Characterized by the intensity of its fruitiness, with fruity aromas of banana, apple, green tomato, as well as other vegetal aromas.
Acidity: ≤ 0.2 %
Olive variety: 100% Manzanilla Cacereña.
Quantity: 4 x 3L (can).
Pairing: recommended for all types of stews and fried foods.
Allergens: allergen-free, gluten-free product.

AOVE Vieiru 3L lata (caja de 4)

Vieiru EVOO 3L can (pack of 4): Our Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes in a practical 3 liter can format, perfect for those who wish to enjoy its exceptional quality in a more accessible quantity.

Harvest date: This olive oil is made from olives at veraison, harvested in November during the 2023/2024 harvest. The first cold extraction is essential to preserve its natural properties and exceptional flavor.

Sensory Profile: Our oil is characterized by its light sweetness, with a perfect balance between spicy and bitter notes. Its intense fruity profile is highlighted by aromas reminiscent of banana, apple and tomato, complemented by other vegetal notes that enrich its flavor.

Acidity: This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity level equal to or lower than 0.2%, which demonstrates its quality and purity, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience.

Olive variety: We exclusively use Manzanilla Cacereña olives, a unique variety grown in the majestic Sierra de Gata, Extremadura. This variety brings a distinctive and authentic character to our oil.

Quantity: Each pack includes 4 cans of 3 liters, which allows you to enjoy the exceptional quality of our oil in a more manageable quantity.

Pairing: Our oil is versatile and adapts to a wide variety of dishes. It is recommended for all types of stews and fried foods, contributing its exceptional flavor to each preparation.

Allergens: Importantly, our oil is allergen-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences.

Discover the excellence and authenticity in every drop of our Vieiru Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L canned. This format is ideal for those who wish to take advantage of the quality of our oil in their daily cooking without compromising space in their pantry. With its unparalleled flavor, it will elevate your dishes to a higher level.


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