As Pontis Oil Mill

As Pontis

As Pontis was born as an oil mill in 2008, a family business that has achieved in a very short time with enthusiasm and effort hundreds of national and international awards.

The main objective of As Pontis is to continue innovating in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil sector with quality as an essential requirement in each of its products.

Respect for the environment is a priority in our project. We are also committed to sustainability and evolution as a region of Sierra de Gata.

His vision is to continue working to promote the EVOO culture with olive oil tourism as the main driver, as well as to continue working on the excellence of the product.

The process of elaboration of Vieiru EVOO

From harvesting to packaging

Almazara "As Pontis", counts during the journey that the olives or extra virgin olive oil is elaborated with stainless steel machinery.

In addition, since respect for the environment is a priority in this innovative project, we have a biomass boiler and a purification plant that eliminates 100% of the toxic waste produced during the production of our precious product.

  • Olive Origin

    It is the fundamental raw material of our extra virgin olive oil, the Manzanilla Cacereña. Our single variety liquid gold comes exclusively from this native olive variety grown mainly in the north of Extremadura, in the regions of Sierra de Gata and Hurdes. The Manzanilla Cacereña olive gives our extra virgin olive oils an excellent quality, differentiating them from other varieties (excellent fruitiness and greater resistance to oxidation).

  • Olive Harvesting

    The Manzanilla Cacereña is harvested in its optimum state of ripeness directly from the tree by "milking" (by hand) and mechanical procedures, so that the olive is not damaged and the EVOO obtained is of excellent quality.

  • Transportation

    Transport is carried out in perforated plastic boxes or in bulk, complying with the hygienic and sanitary conditions required by law.

  • Reception

    The technicians carry out an initial visual inspection of the Manzanilla Cacereña fruit, examining the quality and ripeness of the olives, classifying them according to their qualities.

  • Manufacturing

    Our oil mill master meticulously controls all the phases so that it is reflected in the quality of our AOVEs.

    • Milling: Manzanilla Cacereña is milled in our double sieve mills within a few hours of harvesting.
    • Whipping: the mass is cold whipped in our independent mixers, which allows us to differentiate the qualities and characteristics of our AOVEs.
    • Decanting: the separation of the oil and the pomace is carried out by means of a two-phase decanter, which allows less water to be used.
    • Centrifugation: the separation of oil and water through our state-of-the-art centrifuges without using extra water.
  • Storage

    The conservation of our 100% Manzanilla Cacereña extra virgin olive oil is carried out in our temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks.

  • Packaging

    We have two packaging lines that allow a great flexibility of formats and sizes, both in glass and can, adapting to any type of bottle and capacity.


Vieiru is the result of much effort, care and love during its production but it is also the fruit of a unique place. A place where the Manzanilla cacereña variety reaches its highest quality. Vieiru could not exist without being born where it is born.

We are located in a corner of the Sierra de Gata cultural park, a corner of Extremadura where the Val de Us Tres lugaris, a valley made up of the towns of Eljas, San Martin de Trevejo, and Valverde del Fresno. Our location is not a coincidence, we live to produce the best extra virgin olive oil surrounded by olive trees, living them, taking care of them and feeling them in our day to day. And it is in this valley of mountains, water and olive groves where our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is born.


The specific production area of Vieiru is the Val de Us tres lugaris, which is located on the border with Portugal. A land of farmers and stockbreeders. Its geographical location has meant that its customs and culture have been maintained over time, as is the case of A Fala, a dialect of the area that has been preserved orally transmitted only from generation to generation.

The essence of Val de Us tres lugaris is the olive tree with hundreds of hectares dedicated to its cultivation. It is here where Almazara As Pontis has its own olive groves, as well as the farmers who collaborate with us. Farmers who dedicate the whole year to pamper the trees with great patience and care, enduring the cold in the winter, when it is harvest time, and the heat the rest of the year, when they have to weed, plow and prune the olive trees so that they continue giving an unparalleled fruit.

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