AOVE Vieiru Ecológico 500ml (caja de 12)


Fecha de recolección: aceituna en envero (final Octubre) Cosecha 2023/2024. Primera Extracción en Frío.
Perfil Sensorial: frutado verde y maduro, fresco, con notas de plátano, aceituna y tomate. De entrada, dulce en boca, ligero en amargo y picante delicado, pero más destacado y tardío.
Acidez: ≤ 0.2 %
Variedad de aceituna: 100% Manzanilla Cacereña ecológica (Sierra de Gata-Extremadura).
Certificados: producción ecológica.
Cantidad: 12x500ml (vidrio opaco).
Maridaje: recomendado para consumo en crudo acompañando pescados, carnes (especialmente de caza), carpaccios, vegetales frescos.
Alérgenos: producto libre de alérgenos, sin gluten.


AOVE Vieiru Ecológico 500ml (caja de 12)

Vieiru Organic EVOO 500ml (pack of 12): Our Vieiru Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a tribute to quality and sustainability. This 12-pack of 500 ml bottles is the perfect choice for lovers of healthy and deliciously authentic cuisine.

Harvest date: This organic olive oil is made from olives in veraison, harvested at the end of October during the 2023/2024 harvest. The first cold extraction is essential to preserve its natural properties and exceptional flavor.

Sensory Profile: Our organic oil offers a unique sensory profile. Its fruitiness is a harmonious blend of green and ripe, with fresh notes of banana, olive and tomato. In the mouth, you will experience a sweet entry, with a delicate but distinctive bitterness and spiciness, which develops in a late and balanced way.

Acidity: This organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an acidity level equal to or lower than 0.2%, which demonstrates its quality and purity, guaranteeing an exceptional culinary experience.

Olive variety: We exclusively use organic Manzanilla Cacereña olives, grown in the majestic Sierra de Gata, Extremadura. This variety guarantees an authentic and healthy flavor.

Certificates: Our oil is certified organic, endorsing our dedication to sustainable and nature-friendly agricultural practices.

Quantity: Each pack includes 12 bottles of 500 ml, which facilitates handling and storage in the kitchen.

Food pairing: "Vieiru Ecológico" is ideal for raw consumption, accompanying fish, meats (especially game), carpaccios and fresh vegetables. Every drop enhances the natural flavor of your favorite dishes.

Allergens: Importantly, our organic oil is allergen-free and gluten-free, making it suitable for a wide range of dietary preferences and dietary restrictions.

Discover the purity and authentic taste of "AOVE Vieiru Ecológico" in every drop. This organic oil is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an exceptional culinary experience and wish to contribute to a more sustainable world.


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